We are proud to say that CubeOne is one of the safest and most modern data centers in Scandiniavia.


The premises you will find us in is the former home of a bank and receives the security certifications that a bank has as a requirement to present safety wise.

Inside the bank construction, you will meet, as a first barrier in securing our datacenter, a steel structure with ballistic glass consisting of glass from HammerGlass®.

Hammerglass is a scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheet, 300 times stronger than glass – and literally unbreakable. With its unique surface coating of silicon oxide is the Hammerglass disks are also resistant to most forms of chemicals and acid attacks.

The data center is surrounded by heavily armored walls and doors of the (Swedish) classification 5, making it impossible to access the data center without proper authentication. We also have strict rules for how our employees access the center. All activity inside the data center is logged and stored. The data center is equipped with several surveillance cameras that continuously stores the movements and all events in all rooms.



The data center is designed as a completely sealed compartment with multiple lagers of heavily armed steelconstructions and fireproof material. Dual EL-120 gives us a total of four hours before a fire possible could get into the datacenter.

We have major geographic benefits with  Helsingborgs firestation and securitas as close neighbors. That\’s what we call superiority.

Inside our data center, we constantly measure the particles in the air using laser rays, to be absolutely sure that the level of particulates in the air that could possible be flammable is constantly low. In addition, the system, using multiple data points, quickly detects smoke and possible fire particles and gives us an immediate overview where the fire has occurred.

Should a fire occur, we are well prepared with extinguishing gas HFC-227ea, also known under the name Heptafluoropropane.

The gas is environmentally safe and very well suited for data centers, as it leaves no residue behind. Neither humans or the environment can be damaged by the gas, which does not create corrosion. Different extinguishing gas attack various stages of the fire development, HFC-227ea attacks the energy development and stops the fire from developing, and ensures that the fire quickly dies out.




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