We’ve built the datacenter and backbone you would build — so you don’t have to build, manage and pay for it all yourself.

Hosting The Future

CubeOne is a top-tier, highly connected fortress data center, with the power, capacity, security and services required by today’s demanding mission-critical infrastructure.

We only use hardware of high-end Enterprise Class. Our architecture is based on technology from EMC, Dell, Clavister, Intell among others, and absolute focus is on secure architectures. We are uniquely connected to Back Bones in case of failover and have an unrivaled monitoring control through our NOC to always offer the ultimate safety.

We are partners with leading manufacturers to provide the best solutions and ensure the absence of downtime, maximum security and continuous technical support for monitoring and service all hours of the day, year round.

From integrated and hybrid cloud solutions to fully virtualized cloud data centers, CubeOnes suite of products fill the spectrum of any company\’s needs.

CubeOne Datacenter

We represent a whole new level of service, safety and reliability. Most of the companies that today outsource their business-critical IT operations require guarantees of one hundred percent access. Therefore, we at Dimac Hosting in Helsingborg, a hosting company that has long specialized in serving industries with IT, provides you with one of Sweden\’s most secure data centers – CubeOne.

CubeOne data center has the security, redundancy, and connectivity that most businesses want but cannot justify building for themselves. With our highly experienced, 24×7 technical staff located at our enterprise data center, we can provide premier support for your enterprise\’s infrastructure. Always.

CubeOne is an industry-leading suite of cloud computing solutions. When you need to spend more time on your business and less time maintaining your IT infrastructure – CubeOne is here for you.

We offer Cloud services of  high-end Enterprise Class. Our goal to always be at the forefront, ensures you of the ultimate certainty and the knowledge that you have your data in the most stable, safest and most flexible high-end architecture.




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